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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinball Wizard

Life is a lot like a pinball machine. Sometimes you hit the flippers just right and everything's lit up and exciting, and sometimes the ball just won't go the way you want it and everything goes down the shoot.

2012, so far, has really sucked for a lot of people in my life. Deaths, cancer, tragedy, hurtful disappointment... all have made the rounds already and it's only mid-January. This year is suspicious.

It'd be really nice if we had more control over the game but we don't. There are too many variables, too many bumpers that ricochet the ball in unexpected ways. Not enough flippers in the spots that would keep the ball in the game. Sometimes you can't keep the focus and things run away from you. And sometimes you just get lucky out of the blue, doing nothing.

I wish I was a pinball wizard and had all the tricks down so I could advise others. But I never was good at that game, and learned to laugh at how I continuously missed. Maybe that's as good as it gets.


sdt said...

My Grandmother's Uncle Harry, the one who did quite well for himself, had an old pinball machine in his basement when I was a boy. He gave it to me and I worked at restoring it. I'd have it still except that it was passed on to my cousin because I didn't live in my hometown anymore. It was an older machine, and, as I gather was once common, had no flipers. Now that was a challenge.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Interesting analogy, but I hope it isn't true. My hubby and I used to play quite a bit of pinball before we were married, and I was forever (ahem) accidentally (ahem) bumping the table with my hip, purely accidental mind you ... and was forever getting that blasted "tilt" penalty. I'd like to think I've gotten better at playing the game of life, and don't "force" things quite so much anymore.

CarrieBoo said...

I love that game... and I suck at it, too. I think maybe you're right, Laura.

"no flippers" LOLOL! (That's how I feel on an average day.)

klahanie said...

And despite it all, you are playing the 'game' as best you can.
I'm saddened to know that this new year has subjected you to such trials and tribulation.
I know you maintain that resilient positive focus and embrace the possibilities of better days ahead.
With much respect and kindness, your way, Gary :)

Lisa said...

Bad things and disappointments happen when they do, to lead you towards where you are supposed to be. I've seen it happen too many times to doubt it.