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Monday, January 16, 2012

What Now?

Tried to comment on thefeatherednest, cuz Lawless isn't well and I wanted to send her love and goodness wishes. Blogger won't let me. Then tried to comment on WayneingMoments, who's an old pal having better times at last; thought I did, but now can't view his blog to see that it made it.

What oh what is going on now? So annoying. I went to Help and Issues (where nothing applies) and finally left a comment there that there's a ghost in the machine.

"It just goes to show ya, it's always something." Thanks, Gilda, it certainly is.

Get well soon, Lawless! And hooray for you, Wayne!


Geo. said...

Having same trouble commenting on some, not all, blogs too --for the past 3 days. Happily tho, your incouraging comment came thru fine on "trainrides" this evening --thanks!

Austan said...

Well hallelujah, at least that made it! We could have a group blog called "Blog Issues that Nobody Addresses".

Geo. said...

Perhaps priority is electronically granted to poor spellers like me.

Austan said...

Aha, so it's another part of the conspiracy to undermine the English language!

Anonymous said...

Hi laura..thanks for the kind wishes. I got rid of the new comment options on my blog and returned to the tried and true format. Hopefully this kills any lingering problems. I can't believe it is after noon and I have just turned on the computer.

Austan said...

Oh sweetie, the bugs going round these days kick butts into the gutter. Sleep, eat well, sleep more. xx