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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Remember Henry

Neither his birthday nor his deathday. I've been emailing with Wendy, which always brings back Henry. I just remember what a good guy Henry Tewksbury was to me, and how by his sheer understanding everything was all right. He didn't always agree with me, he didn't like who I chose to be around and he always let me know in plain talk what he thought. And I never held anything back from him. It could get starish. Soon we'd start smiling. At heart we really, really just liked each other. He was the Best Boss I ever had.

There have been a hundred times I wish we could've had a banter over what's gone on since you joined the choir eternal, Henry. We had one of those rare communications where not a lot had to be said, we just looked at each other and knew. You're one of the ones I hope I get to see again, and ask if your Stairway to Heaven really was made of my brownies. :)


Anonymous said...

Some people make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. In a sense, we never really lose them.

Austan said...

Very true, Lawless. They never get too far out of mind. Those are the good ones.