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Thursday, January 19, 2012

You're Insane, Loki, and Out of Your Senses.

Nothing like a day out of the world's nuttiness to make it look even more nutty when you look again. I've found myself going, "nn-mm." and shaking my head several times today. It's hard to tell The Guardian stories from The Onion's these days; that's how crazyass the world is.

Nearly every single person I know these days is at least a bit off, and some are downright bugaboo. Some singularly insane and/or rotten people are making others batty.

Then there's my own nuttiness in dealing with this diet. I'm bored to the bone with this already, it's unbelievably expensive and there's another 3 months to go. The results are fabulous and I've no intention of stopping; it's just the hamster wheel in my head telling me that instead of eating what bores me (conspiring with my Scottish $ tightness), I won't eat at all. And that's stupid AND nutty. I never thought I'd get sick of bacon and eggs. I am. Well I'll just carry on. It'll pass. But negotiating with that hamster wheel going round and round pisses me off.

And the freaking weather isn't helpful. One day it's zero, the next it's 40-something and rainy, the next it's windy and Walt Disney cold, then it's sunny and now we're expected to have 3 days of snow. How are these old joints with no cartilege supposed to keep up with that, I ask you?

So I can see every perfectly good reason behind every mother's child being toe-picking crazy. It's actually no wonder why the whole world is mad.

Bah. I need to go put myself to some good works.


Anonymous said...

Wrap your food in lettuce leaves. Skip the bun, tortillas, and bread slices and instead make a sandwich inside lettuce leaves. Go Mexican with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, salsa, and chicken; Asian with sesame seeds, peanuts, bean sprouts, cut up green beans, and shrimp with a touch of soy sauce; or deli style with turkey, cheese, and mustard.

Just a few suggestions to sparkle up your diet.

CarrieBoo said...

Oooh, you're making me hungry, Lawless. I could handle that kind of a diet. But man, all you people talking about dieting is really making me hungry all the time!

I just shovelled the drive. It was really deep and B has to get his Yaris in... otherwise I would have waited for it to melt, the way weather keeps changing lately.

CarrieBoo said...

And bugaboo!

Austan said...

Thank you so much, Lawless, all sounds yummy, but all not Atkins induction phase. No tomato, onion, beans, carrots, nuts, seeds, etc- they all have high carb values. Romaine and spinach, period. 22 grams of carbo doesn't go far and it's got to be roughage. I'll soldier on. There's a break coming Saturday- sweet potato and watermelon- woohoo! Sunday, back to meat and greens. :) I so appreciate your support.

Austan said...

Yay for your cardio workout, Boo!