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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Il Neige!

I asked for it, I got it. It's snowing like a normal New England Winter. Yay!

However, this may wreck my plans to finally celebrate Special K's birthday, which was 3 weeks ago already. Didja ever have a present to give that's so cool you're itching to give it to the giftee? Something you know they'll so dig, something that'll blow their minds, as we old farts used to say. Well I've been waiting, and now we may have to postpone for a weather call.

The Beest is mesmerized, perched on the desk leaf, staring out the window. Not even her tail is moving. I wonder what's running around in her little brain. Nobody's out in this. This is the kind of day I'd go walking, before the plowing and shoveling, when all's quiet in the hush falling snow creates.

The first Winter I lived here, 95-96, was a snowy one. And I had a Mercury Capri, which is all but useless in a snowy place. So I walked a lot. Every night after work I'd walk down Flat St. toward home. Flat St. then had few and daytime-only businesses. By the time I closed my area and got out it was late, and reasonable people were home and snuggled in. The silence of that street, walking down the middle of the road, snow falling steadily, was a welcome decompression after the craziness of food service before a storm.

It was the same growing up, when after dinner I'd take the dogs out and it was snowing. Winter is nature's meditation class.

We'll see how this pans out.     


SarcasticTestGuy said...

I'm with you, loving the snow as it carpets my yard. I've always loved the sound of a serene, tranquil snowfall.

Be well!

Austan said...

STG- You too, and enjoy it. It's really beautiful..

CarrieBoo said...

Yeah, this is when I like it best. The sun is out, the wind has settled, and there's a lovely layer of snow covering the dog turds in the yard.

Anonymous said...

And best of all they've promised us that in a couple of days it will rain and all this miserable white stuff will go away. yay!!

Austan said...

Boo- It's covering up all the ugliness of the flood's remains, too. Everything looks dressed with icing.

Lawless! Where's your sense of adventure? :D

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh, I love that line, "winter is nature's meditation class.". Beautifully said!