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Monday, January 9, 2012

Meatful Monday

Today is 7 days on protein. Ketosis is kicking in, the bad breath and all. The bread jones has moved along and now I have visions of pasta dancing in my head. Which is made worse because I have to make pasticcio for Wednesday's Heat Fund on the Radio. And there's no part of that I can have. So I'll make it quickly, with unboiled pasta tomorrow, and cook it off fast on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile the key is to not get too hungry (I'm at the "I hate everything but what I can't have" phase) and stay busy.

A great perk of last night's television- the return of AbFab via BBC America. Just as fab as ever, 20 years later. It's sooo good to see the girls again. My only complaint is that it was over too soon. Talk about leaving them wanting more!

T'ain't hard to stay busy. There's undecorating to do. The bedroom still isn't finished. And I can always do more unpacking. I haven't even connected the dvd player to the tv yet. The ladles and the knife steel are all MIA 2 months later along with several other things. So yeah, no dearth of stuff to do.

This morning I'm gonna fill up on coffee and get going at things. I'll be back with news at break time.

Meanwhile, here's something to ponder:


Anonymous said...

I would say to the hubby, "I think this homeopathic remedy is working" and he would say "I think it's all in your head" to which I would reply "who cares if it's all in my head as long as it's working?". Heck, I've been ahead of the times for years. According to the Bible, Jesus knew about this kind of healing..."do you believe?" he would ask, "do you WANT to be healed?" and if the answer was in the affirmative, they believed and they were. It's not magic, it's our believing in our own ability to heal ourselves. And so I say unto my hip joints....produce cartillage and heal thyself...hmmmm....maybe I'd better read the article again.
Hope your pastitsio turns out well.

CarrieBoo said...

Love your Romney post! (You are a comedian.) :D

And that article was most insightful and interesting. This is something I grew to understand, as I struggled to adapt, moving between so many different places, and realizing how specific areas seem to breed/generate similarities in the types of people that live there and how they interact with one another.

Now that I don't socialize and try to fit in, I feel so much more myself. I love not having to be anything.

Nice find!

Austan said...

Ack! never answered these!
Lawless- So much is from what we think. I didn't make pastitsio, it was pasticcio, a different thing. Apparently it went well, as the radio station manager had to leave the building (he's on a diet), :D

Boo- it's nice to be free of the mob mentality!