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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remembering Dare Wright

When I was a little girl (yes, I was, once upon a time) the first series of books I fell in love with were The Lonely Doll stories. The books were about a doll named Edith and the stuffed bears she lived with in Manhattan. They were written and photographed by a woman named Dare Wright. Dare was a fashion model, artist, writer and photographer. In third grade I wrote a fan letter to her and she responded with a handwritten note and a photo of Edith and Little Bear from her book in the works. I treasure them to this day.

She never married or had children. Her children were her dolls and books and a friend's daughter, who was her guardian and inheritor. Dare lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in what had been the Bloomingdale Mansion before it was divided into apartments, one of which she lived and worked in until she became confined to a hospital for the last 7 years of her life. Among her friends were Greta Garbo and Tallulah Bankhead. There is a website about her and the many books she created:

Today while browsing through children's books I came across a few of Dare's titles, which set me on this stroll down memory lane. All but the original Lonely Doll are out of print now. Hard to believe, really. Those books were a refuge to me. I hope they are reprinted for all the little girls who know the loneliness of childhood.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe I ever read any of those but now that I have heard of them I will need to investigate. Might be a good series for my grand daughter when she gets a bit older. That link indicates that they are going into reprint.

Austan said...

I was looking em up for the Muffinpants' granddaughter. Brook Ashley emailed me just a bit ago saying they were working on getting them reprinted. And 3 people got together and made a new book "in the Dare Wright tradition"! Dare lives!

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,
A most moving and a poignant tribute to a writer who has touched your life.
And I truly believe that the wonder and the amazement of the 'little girl' lives on in your heart.
I could end this comment with something silly, like, 'Dare' I say more?...but I wont :)
With much respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary

CarrieBoo said...

My teddies were my friends, too. And now Roz has a favourite bear that must sleep on her pillow with her. I will have to look for these. What a wonderful woman and treasure she sent you.

Austan said...

Gary- you, my friend, are a sweet, sweet man.

Carrie- there are some available on Amazon. I can't believe that one of the 2 I own is worth 130+ bucks, used. Hopefully they'll all get back into print- all 10 of the Edith books, anyway. She was a marvelous woman.