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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look, Back in Anger

Oh is my back pissed off at me. I just hung two paintings and really thought I was faceplanting for a minute there. Totally pitched me. What the hell? I've treated it well, spared it from so much and this is what it does to me. Ungrateful little git.

Well no more Mrs. Nice Gal. Just for that, it's going right back to moving boxes tomorrow. See how it likes me then! And boohoo if it doesn't like it. A back has to learn to work just like the rest of us.

(and yes, this probably makes me look entirely nuts but I find it therapeutic)

In other news, it's Burns Night. And it's looking like Special K's birthday may not happen for the foreseeable future. I need to break this diet because the romaine and spinach have stopped working, if you catch my drift. Nothing drastic (I think sugar would do damage at this point) but I'm going to break out the haggis and eggs for dinner. What I don't eat of the haggis I'm sure Hildebeest will eat. For a few years I tried having a Burns Night Supper but nobody had interest. Which doesn't faze me; I'll do it, sans pipes, whisky, or company. Traditions must be kept, standards must be maintained, and the haggis will be eaten. Like roasting a turkey, or dyeing eggs, I'll do it once a year for tradition's sake.

I'll listen to this while cooking and eating

And this, if it takes me a while to get the haggis down:
And tomorrow I'll go back to the carnivorous rampage.

P.S. My pal Annie Boline just stopped by, declining haggis but sharing a wee dram. I do adore me muckies.


Anonymous said...

Take it easy on that back, they have a way of getting "back" at you.

Austan said...

:) Its behavior is unacceptable. But I won't cut off my nose to spite my face, don't worry.

Austan said...

And an added bonus, the haggis only had 27 grams of carb, so I didn't really blow the diet by much!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Ya gotta learn to play nice with yu back, and I sure hope that haggis wan't the "real thing."

Austan said...

I'm losing patience. It doesn't want to do anything anymore.

Oh yeah, all the parts in there. Just not in a sheep's stomach.

CarrieBoo said...

Haggis... buke! You're a brave lassie. Get back, back! Hope you feel a smidgen better today.

Austan said...

Carrie- Haggis gets a much worse rep than it deserves. It's akin to American scrapple, but better. Lovely spices. and if you eat it as my family did, with fried eggs, mash and sweet pickle relish, it's pretty yummy. I pass on the turnips, though. :p