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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey Supernatural Writers!

One of the things that keeps me humble is my unabashed fanhood for Supernatural. Part of this has to do with my upbringing but admittedly it's because of the 2 lead actors. Which probably sounds disgusting coming from someone my age but Hell. I claim common sense but not class. I'm the woman who burped at Governor Douglas.

Supernatural is a fun series. It has many good points- two brothers fight together as "Hunters" who take out paranormal bad things, two handsome and tragic but brave and committed brothers, a cast of characters and bizarre stories, and a devoted fan base. But it has a tragic flaw- 7th season. They just killed a beloved main character after having "maybe" killed off another. The writers need to get their shit together. This could totally die by the end of the next season. This is Scarlet Fever season. The heat is on. The patient needs to get better or will die. They're introducing new characters. Okay. They've gone a little X-Files lately. If they start including aliens I'm gone, Jensen Ackles or no.

So maybe the writers are burnt and need ideas. The fans can help. The fans are all writers. I'd like to see story line that brings them back in time- fill out the years and their characters. With a twist. They're thrown into a replay of being back somewhere, they see each other as they are now but everyone else perceives them at that age; they know they're being screwed with, and that what's happening isn't what they recall but they seem to recall things very differently. They don't know who dunnit or how to get out and now Bobby's dead. But the dead talk in dreams. I'll leave it to you to say who did it to them, how Bobby helps and the ramifications of time traveling, etc. Okay? Free of charge, as a fan who doesn't want to see this series fade out.

Now, get to work.


klahanie said...

Hi Laura,
And do you know what Vampire Diaries, House, Fringe, Smallville, The Secret Circle, Criminal Minds, Human Target, The L Word, Hellcats,
Dead Like Me, Dark Angel,The 4400,
Kyle XY, Reaper, MacGyver, Harper's Island, Sliders, V, Battlestar Galactica, Haven, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, The Dead Zone,
Monk, The X Files and yes, Supernatural, all have in common? Yes, they were or are, all filmed in and around Vancouver. So, next time I'm in Vancouver, would you like me to have a word on your behalf and forward on your suggestions to the writers of Supernatural? :)
Enjoy your weekend, Laura.
In kindness, Gary

Austan said...

Oh Gary! Yes please do. I'd be very sad to see this series die. It's the one that got me watching tv again after 3 years. Yay!
Have a lovely happy weekend!
with whoop-de-doos,

Anonymous said...

Wow...all those shows filmed in and around Vancouver. I've only seen four of them and heard of maybe two more. I sure am behind on my TV watching.

Austan said...

So was The Highlander filmed there, and I'm sure plenty of others. It's perfect; all four seasons, and hello, it's Canada. God I wish my forebears had stayed there. Or even better, Scotland, because they're all from up there save 2.