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Friday, January 13, 2012

Glands and the Ice and Snow

A couple years ago I gave up using wireless gadgets and microwaves. Starting in 2000 I began having a serious problem with lymph glands swelling. Some were surgically removed and tested, and thankfully benign. But they didn't stop swelling up. Like ants, you take one away and there's four more popping up. It was worst on my left side, between my ear and collarbone.  My collarbone disappeared under a mound of swollen glands. My neck and left side of my head were full of little lumps. Something was going on. But doctors had no answers. "You're just one of those people who have swollen lymph glands", one said to me. Like that's normal. Well ya know what? They hurt. I didn't know anyone else who "just have swollen lymph glands."

Around 2009 I did an internet search and saw many people complaining of similar things. They talked about suspecting microwave sickness. Curiousity rose. I spent a lot of time with a cordless phone tucked in the crook of my neck, the same area where the glands were running riot. Circumstantial and maybe coincidental, but still... As an experiment I gave away my wireless phones and microwave oven and went back to old-fashioned tethered things. My glands receded. My collarbone reappeared. And Dr. Magda Havas read my blog and contacted me. She's investigating these things about microwave sickness.

Last year, out of necessity while being homeless and in other people's places, I used Wifi, microwave ovens and cordless phones. My collarbone disappeared under lumps. Behind my ear all those lumps rose again. But beggars can't be choosers and with everything else going on there was no point in addressing it. Doctors offered nothing anyway, I'd been that route several times.

In coming home I got back to corded things and no microwaves. It's two months later; my clavicle's back again, all but 2 of the lumps on my neck are gone and those 2 are small. I'm not saying, I'm just saying. If it's just coincidence it's a huge one. I think I'll avoid having wireless things for the rest of my life.

Totally apart from all that, we have a lovely wintry-white world outside. The temp has risen so there's splotting as the snow falls from the trees and the sidewalks are gray with ice and slush. It snowed just a bit earlier, a slight squall that put a little frosting on top. It's early snow, the sloppy kind we usually get in November and early December. But it's here and it's pretty. And above all, it's looking like January. A little normalcy goes a long way in this world these days.


Anonymous said...

I think you've proved without a shadow of a doubt what was causing your problem..twice... I wonder what else in our homes is killing or disabling us?

Austan said...

Thing is, it doesn't affect everyone. I have no problem with lots of chemicals, where I know people who can't be around anything scented, or anything with ammonia, etc. We're all getting environmental issues.

Anonymous said...

Yep...I'm one of those with the scent sensitivity. Say that three times fast.

Austan said...

In my old apartment they'd put down new wall-to-wall carpeting. It reeked and I coughed for months in there. All these chemicals aren't doing anything good to us.

Can you stand pure scent like flower oils? I know someone who gags at synthetic anything but natural scents don't bother him at all.