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Saturday, January 14, 2012

ech, plech, atchoo!

It's a cold. After sneezing my head off, blowing the schnozz, and having a head too full to rest for long, a lost voice, a clogged ear and general poopy tiredness I've realized it's a cold. This is rotten timing; I have things to do. Today I can fall apart, try to sleep and take Nyquil. I'll even break the diet and have chicken soup but that's it. It's annoying when you're just sick enough to be unfunctioning but not so bad that you just pass out. And man, ear things really bug the hell outta me. So I'm giving this 24 hours to do its business and get gone. There's just no time for it. bah.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy....sorry you've got the bug. That chicken soup will help though.

klahanie said...

Aha Laura,
And thus you sneezed your head off. Thank goodness you managed to put it back on! :)
Seriously, just rest, take a break from posting and put your feet up :)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Go lay down.

SarcasticTestGuy said...

I hope that you're better quickly. I also hope that you didn't get that from me! I was home a couple of days sick at the end of last week, and now, *just* when I thought I was back, my throat hurts just in time for the weekend! I suppose I'll have to hunker down and watch football!

Be well.

Anonymous said...

How's it going this morning my fellow mucous factory? Did you kick the bug?

Austan said...

Thanks for all the kind wishes. The fever broke, my ear reopened and now I look worse than I feel. Had to cancel plans for tonight. I think, with another 12-14 hour sleep and a shower maybe I'll be human again. I am, as Lawless notes, a mucous factory. The Beest is loving all this bedtime. It's a good day for it; 11'F and going down to 3 tonight. Good to stay in. Did you ever wonder where all this mucous could possibly come from? I must've blown out more than my whole head's weight by now. Yuk.