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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting to Know

It seems to me that my generation, and the gens I knew before, weren't raised to know ourselves at all.Whoever we happened to be didn't matter. Fall into the big part of the bell curve and go along. Duck and cover. That's way different now. That's a good change. The younger generations are more honest and they'e more honest because it's safer to be so. Remember being spanked for not doing what everyone else did? I do. In school, and worse when they found out at home.

We are very different from the youngers. We saw things they never knew in their entire existence. Young women are so far removed from what it was to be a woman then that they don't know to respect the change. And we just want to make believe that we won.

Today's seriously adult folk were born in the 70s. The 70s. A hundred too long agos and just yesterday. But they don't have to know how that is yet.

Here's a typical but true story song from my generation; we bought a lot of crap in being raised but it was all different then, and overnight it seemed we had this new reality that doesn't remember what happened yesterday. The world keeps changing faster and faster.


CarrieBoo said...

It is interesting, all the things Roz won't know and take(s) for granted. Girls could do more in my generation, but we had no guidance what-so-ever. Only the stupid media to guide us. I guess I have to see the bigger picture... I'm glad Roz will get to grow up knowing it's good to be different, to be herself. This is a huge turning point. The world is evolving crazy fast, growing ever more complex, and it's important to be grounded in who you are. Great post, Laura. I always love to hear your insight into these things.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My girls grew up with choices that I never had. As they laughingly tell their friends, "My mother told us to be the stuff, not the fluff.". I wanted them not to cheer at, but to be cheered for.

Geo. said...

Good to see some defense of the younger generation, with whom I am most impressed. I only wish we could make it easier on them. They do know their history --pretty much-- and they are in constant suspicion of (what I call) the prickly cult of now, which is mainly commercial. But the excellent Billy Joel clip you provide gives a better description. I can only echo its last word, subtitled ありがとう --"thank you" in (for some reason) Japanese.