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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Monday

As Lawless noted, I wasn't online yesterday. There were good reasons. My back reached its zenith of uselessness, and I was hungover from red wine. There are few things that lay me as low as red wine. That and the bad decision that while feeling no pain from it, to carry on moving things.

Well. The place is ready for HUD. Or as ready as it will be. Meanwhile, life goes on.

After reading this, I'm more confused than ever about what independence in Scotland would mean:

Occupy Oakland got some rare press coverage this weekend:

Censoring is okay by Thailand

Don't drink the water

OWS protesters arrested after "Occu-party" in Brooklyn


2 arms are better than one

The Beest is demanding breakfast. Off I go.


Anonymous said... red wine on your diet? Glad to see you are up and about't try to do too much too soon. okay?

Austan said...

Actually, it is! As long as you keep it at the 22 grams of carbs, any carbs are allowable. This was a planned excursion, being Special K's month-late birthday celebration. I'm moving slow, stretching gingerly, and so far today, not bad. At least the wine relieved an immobility problem. The biggest trouble with Atkins is the "You-no-Poo" syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Well just think, when you do p** how much weight you will lose all at once.