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Friday, March 25, 2011

8 Weeks After Detox

So I hadn't planned on blogging anymore today b/c I'm just too damn busy. But on prompting that I should say something about 8 weeks later, here I am.

Well, I'm very happy to be done with the drugs and the hell involving it all. Including never having a mandatory dr visit again. The pain is just unreal and it gets expressed in a nonstop stream of curses ("You goddamned son of a bitch fucking fuck scumbag bastard shitfucker", was I believe the last sentence I spoke) as I try to go about life's business. This is not conducive to serenity, but it works to blow off steam. Especially since I'll be outta here in one week and I intend to pay back my neighbors for their years of kindness and consideration, so the louder I get, the happier I get. It works for me.

Part of not getting so happy is the damned stomach issues. I google "stomach detox issues" and I get my own blog. Lotsa help there. Meanwhile, 3 hours in and out of the bathroom every morning does nothing for one's demeanor. Imodium, you say? Might as well flush it straight down the loo and not have the additional pain it causes.

So while I'm proud and happy to be opiate-free, it's a mixed bag at the other end.

Today also marks 2 weeks since my brother's death. If I write about that right now I'll cry and there's no time for that today. If I'm less pissy tonight I'll post something.

Everybody, just hang in and keep the faith. I swear the Great Leap Forward is coming, it just won't look as we were thinking.

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