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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Read the News Today... oh boy.

It's all out of hand. Khaddafi/Qaddafi/Gaddafi, however they're spelling it this decade, and his sons are old style tyrants. This ain't gonna be good for anyone.

Another miracle in Japan, though- 2 more people found alive. Of course that doesn't really make up for the radiation in the food and water systems.

Both Obama and Hilary look ten years older from the last 2 years. Obama's so gaunt his temples are caving like Lincoln's did. It worries me.

Yemen's officials are resigning over the gummit's abuse of the protesters there. That's a half-point for our side.

And today it's officially Spring. The moon was amazing for the last few nights.
Here's a gallery of photos, including moonshots:

Then there's Keith Emerson's song for Japan:
Be careful, it's a slippery world.

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