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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's All Happening

While on the phone this morning I did a short recap of the last month. So much has happened. So much hope has come around by the successes of my friends, by the news of my new apartment, by the progress on my book and by kicking the opiates, that I can hardly believe the change.

Riva's "Q-Bossy" made it to the station, Cam packed up my boxes of stemware, and I mostly stripped the Xmas tree. This has been a very productive day and it's not even 3 pm. It's all happening, and it's all good. Everything's gonna be okay. The move may be pushed back a week; they have to change a door, so that's even more time to do things right. I lost a lot in scaling down and moving here; my portfolio of 30 years disappeared with some really important things I'll never see again. But that won't happen again, and I think I'm moving to where I may stay the rest of my days. I've moved 26 times over my lifetime; maybe 27's the charm. ;)

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