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Saturday, March 5, 2011

It Always Comes Down to the Condiments

The move has been pushed back and I'm glad because I always think I'm going to do more than I can. But slowly things are getting packed. One of the reasons I'm giving food away is because I've had a stocked freezer since the holidays and haven't been able to eat for 5 weeks. So it should be used.

There's always stuff to toss- the unused pickle juice, the mustard with almost nothing recognizable to it. But I'm a cook. I have condiments. I need them. I wouldn't be happy without them. 4 different hot sauces (one that's precious to me), 2 Chinese hot pepper pastes, fish sauce, Marmite, capers, chutneys, you name it I got it.. And it's like trying to pick among your finest jewels to decide their fates when you move. I hate that. I always regret something I toss.

The only thing I remember about a move when I was 6 was the argument over whether the ketchup was worth taking- which was the Only condiment in the house. It always comes down to the condiments.

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