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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Out of the Arms of Morpheus

I stopped the oxycodone early. 2.5 mgs is next to nothing so I went to nothing, yesterday. So far, so good. Just the tiniest bit of edginess, but nothing at all compared to all I've been thru. It's laughable. My BFF said the first week, when I went cold turkey, was like being in a plane crashing with nothing to do but watch. And I was the maniacally laughing pilot.

There's probably still some junk in my system; they all have half-lifes and after so many years there's still bits & iotas here and there. The nose is still insanely raw; the stomach still hates everything. But so what?

My PA brother called this morning very early; I wasn't even awake yet. But he's alive, with 20% of heart functioning. He didn't leave the # to call him back. Oy. Typical.

Ill let the rest of the family know he's still with us.

I had a great concert evening last night- my ears are still ringing from turning the volume to max in my headphones and my arms hurt from fistpumping and sit-dancing for hours on end.

And another Saveur magazine came. Still no idea who gifted it to me. ??? It's a real cook's mag. I love it. Thank you, Mystery Person.

Looks like rain today but I couldn't care less. I'm a happy camper.

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