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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Very Gimpy Move

There isn't a lot of time for writing this week. I'm in The Push. Which as a gimp, means tedious hours of doing many small feats until it's all done. I started to organize and pack as soon as I woke up this morning because Friday will be here in a blink and there's still much to do. Before inheriting my gimpdom, I was 5'10". Now I'm 5'8", have to steady myself with one arm and have a hard time reaching up since dislocating my right arm last year. The cabinet above my fridge is the day's real challenge. I expect to be laid up tomorrow but that's okay as long as I get enough done today. My aide will be here tomorrow, I pray, and as long as I have things organized for her everything will be fine. Packing as a gimp is a totally different deal. There's no way you can organize things as you did back in the able days. You have to have faith it'll all work out, give up your control issues and do what you can. The more you try to control the crazier you'll get. Do what you can, take breaks, stay mindful of what still needs doing and be practical. Don't panic, it won't help. Move slowly but steadily. Try to work within your limits. It's a lot to keep in mind when you're sorting and packing. I find that continual swearing helps. So blogging will be sporadic this week. I'm sure that Sunday when it's all over I'll sit at this desk and 'puter in the new place and have plenty to say. But til then, the issue is getting a very gimpy move done. Wish me luck.

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