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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Bitchless

There is nothing, really, to bitch about today. In my inbox were 2 YT vids, one of ELP at High Voltage which was fab, and one of Zep at Madison Square the night I was there in 77. You can't bitch at that. Waking up to great tunes from people rocks.

It's a late winter/early spring morning in New England. Gray and damp, dark. It's in the 40s, and the old snow is giving up the ghost- once the edge comes up from the ground, it's a slow melt. We'll still get cold nights and maybe more snow here and there, but it's mostly over, hallelujah amen. We've made it thru another winter. Now it'll be ice, mud and flood.

I'm gonna finish up a couple of things and start sorting out the closet and bathroom today. Brian called asking for the dimensions of the bookcase he's going to build in my new apartment. The turkey vultures are circling; spring is coming.

Relax if you can, read something, enjoy a quiet Sunday. I'll be back.

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