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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow. Still. Snowing.

Will this winter end already? I don't want to see any more flakes, not even one. I'm done. Stop with the snow and start raining.

At least I woke up to good news- the friend who was in the car crash is fine and will be home soon. Scared the hell out of us all, but it's gonna be all right. The heart lifts. Of course, still no word about my brother in PA.

But I talked to my other SIL last night and we laughed as we did way back in the early 80s. I swear there's nothing like hilarity to heal the soul. And she's so goofy she cracks me up. Slept like a baby after that, and I bet she did, too. I even slept til 7!

Busy day ahead, still packing and I have a lunchdate with a woman from the Vermont Workers Center. Life goes on. I just wish the friggin snow would end.

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