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Monday, March 21, 2011


There's much to get happy about this morning. Yemeni Generals have joined the People. Syria, too, is rising up. Qaddafi's compound was bombed to ruins last night. I have mixed feelings about that, but if it keeps his oppression of the People at bay, mazel tov.

I heard from my friend in Japan; she and all her loved ones are okay for now. That was a relief.

And I sent out the call for help in moving yesterday and so far nobody's said no, which is nothing less than a miracle. I haven't heard back from about half of those I emailed, but it grows more into a party and less of a move all the time. I'm blessed with a lot of friends, good people who are always willing to give help. I'm humbled at the spirit of volunteerism here. Vermont is an amazing place because of the folks who live here. I'm so lucky to live among them.

And, it's snowing. The kind of snow that looks like it means business. It's March; hard to call. March is a Loki month. Bastid.

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