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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Between the comforting Chinese Porridge and the melatonin, and I guess some subsiding of the stress and hell of the last week, I slept like a puppy. Woke up to an entirely fogged-in downtown, which is only possible when Spring is here. So though the calendar says it isn't Spring til Sunday, it is. And I expect we'll be needing the air conditioners by May.

Then I did the stupidest of things- watched CNN first thing this morning. It's all bad. So just for today, I'm gonna take care of my own business and not the world's.

While I've been busy, I did manage to see that my old grammar school's (I was only there a half-year, so it doesn't really count but it's the only way I remember it) rival, PS 22, has an incredible music teacher. And their chorus has worldwide fame. Caught the story in the Guardian, natch. So I went to see their YouTubia and found this:

And this:
A little dose of hope in the morning is good.

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