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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spoilage Happens

When someone leaks a surprise and it turns out a disappointment rather than a joy, it's spoiled. When someone tells you the book or movie ending after you've said you're going to it or gettting it. There's a lot of spoilage in life. My first really important one, at about ten, was the true rumor that the Disney people had driven the lemmings off the cliff for the drama of it. Walt was my childhood hero. I loved his art, his colors. His characters. He was already dead a few years when I heard the story. But it forever spoiled Disney and all its magic for me. It was never the same.

There are people who pride themselves on being Spoilers. I know a couple. They have to know you to get a good spoil in. Like saying you'll hate Pan's Labyrinth because they know how you cringe at meaningful violence. Slashers you sit thru but cruelty hits you in the gut. People have to know you well to spoil at that level. Usually older family members.

But there are also those who can't keep their mouths shut and will sum up anything with a, "It's (insert crappy adjective here). You'll see," just to piss on your parade. Doesn't matter what it is you're excited about or planning. Whether a party or a purchase, an impending birth or new home. They have something to say. They are the True Spoilers. They get their jollies by being know- it- alls who go around sticking a pin in any balloon they see.

Watch out for the Spoilers. They're a strange breed who steal joy whenever they can. It's a vampiric energy tactic. And they're everywhere.

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