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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bring on the Mud!

As we Vermonters slowly sink into Mud Season while the cursed snow keeps trying, everyone I've talked with today is going nuts. Not enough light, the gray-white-stick viewscape is draining the life out of us. But I swear, just the very beginning of buds are coming out on the trees, and the turkey vultures are back. Westy said he saw chipmunks and several people have noted robins. God almighty its been winter for 5 months. I like winter, but this is ridiculous. We're almost there; everyone eat chocolate, listen to the Pogues and we'll be okay.

Had a great meeting with our new Vt Workers Center organizer. She's fabulous. She has several edges. I can talk straight with her and she gets everything. We're gonna do good works.

Life amazes me, nearly every day.

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