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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's weird to not blog as usual. At 3 points yesterday while packing and sorting I had the call of the blog, but don't even remember what it was all about today. It's tough to sit and think when lists and incidentals keep running thru your head. Soon as I wake up I start organizing what to do. The friggin details about everything- all the "gotta have" stuff, because the move is Saturday and Friday is the last time I have an aide until next week and I'll have to survive until then...yadda yadda. It's all a red hemorrhoid. Thank gods my aide is a trooper. My ears are ringing, my back is shot and I've got so far to go. Boohoo. When it's over I'll be so much better off than now. Stress is one of those things you can't really get a grip on. It isn't ever the same deal twice, so ya have to adapt to whatever stress you're in. You'd think with all the moves I've done in my life I'd have it down to a science but it's always different because life changes. I've never moved as a gimp before. It's entirely different. Ya can't run around or leave things to chance. Everything
has to be done and done thoroughly. Ya have to leave a lot to faith- whatever you physically can't do still has to be done. Again I use the Hendrickson family motto: I Fly By Mine Ass.

And so it goes. I'll be back...

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