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Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's All Happening Part Deux

The lease is signed, if everyone shows up this'll be the easiest move of my life, and considering there's still 7 days left I'm ahead of myself in packing some things and behind in others. But what's left to pack is a trifling. And even how I get there first and the beer list and pizzas are sorted. Thanks go to Cam, Stevil and especially Alicia for doing so much to get me outta here.

My friend Joe is coming by on his lunch break for the last Saturday he'll be able to do that. When I move it's the end of another era. He and I have been cohorts in projects and schemes for years. I'll miss our Saturday bitch sessions.

It'll probably take 2 months to settle in. In April my fosterdaughter's coming for a weekend (and I'll have to get permission for her dog, cuz he's over 30 pounds) and by the end of May the place should be squared away. I've decided to take the whole summer off from any other projects and get the book done. 3 months of solid work should do it. I'll still blog here and keep up with what's going on- I'm not going to a convent- but all my other hours will go to the book. It's time. Wayne's books are publishing starting April 7th -see the first chapter of book 1 at
and Michael's tremendous and important biography won't be far behind.

Elsewhere, the wars against everything and everyone rage on.

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