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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meanwhile Back in Detox ..

It's officially 6 full weeks of detoxing now. Though I'm sleeping well it's never long enough. Food is still a big issue and as I see myself slimming I'm also feeling kinda weak. It's probably not enough to take a multi and eat a sandwich and a few crackers a day but that's all I can manage. It'll just have to be enough until my digestive system calms down. On the whole, though, I put my body thru a lot and it's just gonna take time to do what it does. In all the other stress I don't have time to worry.

Still no date set for my move. Packing is coming along and I think everything could be done in 2 days now, if need be.

My SIL will be going to make the arrangements this morning and the rest of the family will need to be told, which I'll do for her. She's worn out. We've all been crying. And she's got my nephew coming home. It's a terrible feeling to not be with your family when someone dies. I wish I could go, but it's impossible. Tommy wasn't expecting I could make the trip so I don't have guilt, at least.

Life can be a real bitch sometimes.

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