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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stomach Detox: A New Beginning

Suffice it to say that the detox stomach gave me a slight reprieve. Just long enough to dry up the 58 day streak I was running so I start at Go all over again. All puns intended.


Geo. said...

You may wish to consult the beginnings of my blog,"Invalid's Workshop", about a heart tumor causing symptoms indistinguishable from anxiety attacks. Before properly diagnosed, I was prescribed various meds to cure me of the jumps --I who'd always been pretty calm. Took years to get off that stuff. But I remember diarrhea and worse things that, well, threatened to set me back socially. Gradual, nowhere near as strenuous as what you've endured, but enough for me to consider your experience a portrait in fortitude.

Austan said...

Thanks, Geo. This dr said I should expect it for 3 months. The amount of excess water the body builds up in 4 years of opiates is enormous and it takes time to rid it, so I'm not worried. If anything, my heart's the best part I've got. :)