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Friday, March 11, 2011

Those Poor People

As every morning, I checked the Guardian UK to see what's up in the world. And I saw the videos they had of the earthquakes and tsunamis hitting Japan. I can hardly take in what's been going on around the Pacific- New Zealand and Australia, and now this.

We now watch live while people's homes, lives and businesses are swept away. There is a report of a boat with 100 people onboard being swallowed in the 10 meter high waves. In one of the videos, a huge whirlpool slowly draws in what looks like a recreational boat, helplessly caught in the spiral. In another, whole buildings and farms are engulfed in the waves.

Still pictures are easier to stomach, to me:

There's no sure count on the death toll in this.

And I've just seen on CNN that a tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii and the west coast of the US, as part of a general warning to 20 countries. Waves of 3-6 feet are expected to hit Hawaii in about a half-hour. Shores are being evacuated to at least a half-mile inland.

I want to know where the deep-sea drilling is going on out there.

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