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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Very Short Evening

It's 5 p.m. DSFT. I've been up and doing since 4, awake since 2 and will be in bed for the day-night at 6. Darling Stevil packed the pix (at last they're packed!) off the walls and various bits and bobs laying around. It's getting done.

Friggin ass Heartless John Boehner (that's pronounced boo-kay) is making a gripe about Obama okaying the US joining the "allied forces" over Libya. Shut up and sit down, Heartless John. We know you just want a shot at running in 2012. Forget it, even your own side thinks you're an asshole. And that goes far from a party who'd put Palin out there. Like you really care about anything but your hair.

It's threatening to snow and the forecast says a few inches of white. Well, fine. But it better be gone and dry by next Saturday. I'm not having it. Knock it off with the cold and snow already. Don't make me say it twice.

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