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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tribal Urge

Every time I meet and recognize a tribesperson I'm happy to my ass. There has to be something hardwired in us about that. We know when we meet a tribeperson. Instantly connected, no censoring or bullshit, total communication. It's a great thing in life, and probably goes back to survival instincts. It rings something deep in me.

While that's all wonderful, where there's your tribe, there are other tribes. And they all feel for their tribes how you feel about yours.

So, how to make the leap from my tribe to the Tribe of Humankind? That's my pondering for the rest of this dreary day. How do I get to where I care as much for my "enemy" as I do for my tribe? Because until I do, ain't nothing gonna get better for the world. That's just the truth.

3/11 I just came across this address from a spiritual leader about the fighting among the tribes in Libya. Translation is in the descriptor box.

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MoonRaven said...

Wow. That really is the truth. It's important to be connected to your 'tribe', but the world will only improve as we all care as much for whoever gets labeled as the 'enemy' as we do for anyone else.

Thanks so much for posting this.