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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ongoing Detox Stomach Issues

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since the detox began. Things are really, physically better than in a long time. That is, I'm sure, because a) I ignore the pain and b) I must be 40 lbs lighter because I've been unable to keep food in my system for 7 weeks. I need new clothes. I still can't do the whole PT routine yet- not at that level of pain ignorance yet, either. It takes time to get used to it. I'm just learning as I go how to do it. There's no guidebook for this, nobody will friggin talk in society about it. Pain Management is just another guise of medication administration. Nobody's sticking a needle in my spine after they ran electric needles into the sciatic nerve on my good leg and ruined that forever.

Really, there's no reason or time to piss and moan and I've been doing too much of that lately anyway. 16 days to moving day. I'm so glad we started packing early. Everything's a process. Guess I couldn't pack the longboat in 2 hours anymore.

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