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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pushing On

Packed 2 boxes in record time. There's an urgency behind getting things done when you're doing it while fighting pain. I push and get careless because I want accomplishment. But that's gonna be something to work on. My total standing time is now 5 minutes, down from the 9 minutes it was when I last checked. Something else to work on.

There's a lot of work. Interior questioning of how far to push myself. The very apparent weak shape my body's in, thanks to years of dragging my ass on junk. For now I'm merely going by how much pain I can take til it's bound to make me go ugly, then I stop. But I need to push further there, too, and keep my temperment in check.

My newly-racing mind is having a hard time slowing down to normal human speed to deal with others. More to keep in check. But it'll get better with practice. I can keep my mouth shut if I want, so that's a blessing.

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