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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Morning Becomes Electric

Since the damn early DST change, I've been off in waking time. Some mornings up at 7, some at 5. And at either time, it's still dark and you have to turn on lights to see anything. So we're pointlessly burning energy. This is stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I don't know anyone who isn't complaining and it's worse for the farmers. Cows don't give a shit about DST. But the milk pickup stays at the same time, so everyone has to suffer.

Yesterday I spent 5 hours on the phone changing my services over. Got good deals, for the most part. Today is pack the pictures day. And then hit the closet. And then collapse.

Though I'm avoiding the news, I was happy to see Obama finally pipe up about Libya. There is so much suffering going on around our little planet. Too much to ponder for long. It's both horrifying and maddening.

This morning is silent. I love the morning quiet. A few early birds, a distant laugh...

Yuck. Forgot the sugar in my coffee. Okay, gotta go restart the day.

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