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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Tribal Urge 2

Crappy sleep night due to mountain trolls upstairs dragging clubs and throwing boulders. They are not of my tribe but I won't be under them much longer. And at the new house, everyone is side-by-side on the same level. I like that.

So as I sat up staring and thinking "Why do we all get so pissed off with other tribes?" and "Why do we get pissed off when one of our guys tries to be nice to the other tribe?" and "Why does thinking about this make my ears go flat?" it became obvious. People are different and think different things and unless you hang only with your own tribe (and even if you do) there will be wars. Why? Because people are insane. It gets a little better with each generation speaking more truth, but as a species we're all pretty fucked in the squash.

Craziness breeds craziness. Here and there a few will escape it. But more won't. And so it goes.

Again, as the sun refuses to come up at this hour, I look at a purple twilight sky and wonder if there's any reason to hope. Will humans ever get to compassion before conflict? Is that too much to ask?

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