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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book 2: A Gimp's Guide to Death

I think, after all these deaths and funerals, I could write a book. Because there are certain things that are going to happen. Maybe not in any certain order, but they all do. And the very first chapter would be:

It's Always a Shitstorm, so Expect It.
This would be a general summation of lowering expectations. The best laid plans, etc. With examples.

Chapter 2 would be:
Special Effects, Meltdowns and True Colors
This would be subcategorized into situations where humans show their humanity, or lack thereof.

3 would be:
Beware the Profiteers. Nuff said for now.

4 would be:
What To Do in the First 24 Hours. The Practical Triage of CYAs of it.

The Arrangements. A big chapter, because there is so much to do.

The Day. No 2 funerals are alike. At all.

Post-Funeral Section
Dead Spouse Syndrome. Oh yes, it exists.

Family Dynamics After a Death. With examples of changes with the deaths of family members.

Surviving Survivorhood: Taking Care of Your Own Mind, Body and Spirit.

Well, like that. People should know what to expect; nobody warns you. But somebody should, in a cheap-enough book so you aren't totally knocked out by what happens.

And yes, I will explore some funeral styles, including Viking style.

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